Subsidy scheme interpretation

The Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) has replaced the Single Payment Scheme (SPS) and Simon Ward has extensive experience of both. He is a national expert on the EU legislation supporting BPS implementation and has been involved in resolving numerous disputed claims.

He is also an authority on EU agricultural policy and this understanding allows him to assess the likely impact of reforms on the agricultural industry in the UK as well as on individual farms. Understanding the BPS greening requirements are crucial for choosing the right greening measures. To keep informed on these developments you can subscribe to Inside Track.

Situations where Simon Ward has improved subsidy income:

  • Supported disputed claims from the National Reserve which were ultimately successful
  • Successfully lobbied for compensation of a group of farm businesses initially disadvantaged by Defra’s interpretation and implementation of the SPS
  • Recovered and/or settled over £1m of incorrect SPS payments on behalf of clients
  • Represented clients in SPS appeals

For more information on the CAP, subsidy schemes and future reforms, e-mail Simon Ward